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Finance, cryptography, Austrian economic, game theory, general Bitcoin knowledge.

From beginners to experts, you can find the right book for you and your family to understand bitcoin. Most are even free and open sources online.

Bitcoin articles !

With so many talents and passionate people involved in the Bitcoin community, it is hard to keep track of the best bitcoin resources and articles. I made an easy list to lets you dive into this rabbit hole of Bitcoin content.

Bitcoin contribution

Find out the best Bitcoin Content

  • Tuur Demeester – @tuurdemeester
  • Nick Zsabo – @NickSzabo4
  • Nic Carter – @nic__carter
  • Jameson Lopp – @Lopp
  • TwoBitldiot – @twobitidiot
  • Jimmy song – @jimmysong
  • Peter Van Valkenburgh – @valkenburgh
Bitcoin Data
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Association Bitcoin
  • The Cryptoeconomy – Guy Swan
  • The investors podcast – Preston Pysh & Stig Brodersen
  • What Bitcoin did – Peter McCormack
  • Tales from the crypt – Marty & Matt
  • Universe Bitcoin
  • Parlons Bitcoin 
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Bitcoin Article

Gigi as already done the job here –

Guy Swann as read them all here –

Projet Bitcoin cool

Minage écologique –




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