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DécouvreBitcoin is a Bitcoin educational project. Our mission is to provide open source educational content to train tomorrow’s bitcoiners and support mass adoption of the protocol.

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seed signer
cold card
blue wallet
ride the lightning
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Shift crypto
bull bitcoin
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The Bitcoin Ambassador Project coordinates the creation of Bitcoin meetups & presentations around the world.

salle de podcast

We organize and produce the 1st French Podcast on Bitcoin (Interview, audio reading, news & technical discussion)

map afrique

We support the development of Bitcoin in French-speaking Africa through our resources, hardware & technical support

Our values

We believe that bitcoin should be taught to everyone to ensure an open society free from the control of large banking institutions.


Open Source

To provide free quality Bitcoin education and promote the free flow of knowledge.

Bitcoin Only

Focus on the Bitcoin revolution as a whole without falling into trading or shitcoinery.

Vie privée

We consider privacy to be one of the most fundamental human rights and most necessary for human progress.


DiscoverBitcoin is first and foremost a community of enthusiasts helping each other in their Bitcoin journey.

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The Road-Map 2023

Hey !

Welcome to DécouvreBitcoin, a 100% free project to develop your skills on Bitcoin. Through our many projects, trainings, interviews, videos, podcasts and meetup, we try to democratize this technology to as many people as possible.

DécouvreBitcoin is more than 500 videos, 8 training courses, thousands of hours of content, article pages, tutorials and much more. It is a growing community of fascinated people who are there to help you get started and achieve your ambitions.

Thank you to all our contributors, donors and users for making this project a reality.

See ya ! xx

Rogzy – Creator of DécouvreBitcoin

(Design à faire)

Formation en production:

  • Module non-KYC
  • Module github
  • Formation ColdCard + sparrow


  • Création du kit ambassadeur
  • Début des conference


  • Production du livre BTC 101
  • Refonte de l’académie
  • Open-source le site

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