The revolution will be artistic



Art is the foundation of our happiness, freedom and fulfillment as a society. So it’s only natural that it should be an important part of Bitcoin reform. On this page I’m going to introduce you several artists that I find cool and that show the importance of art in promoting Bitcoin to our loved ones.

 Congrats to all the artists for their fantastic work. You are the soldiers of our peaceful revolution against an unjust, corrupt and dying system.

If you have a proposal, you can send it to me at


“Art is a lie that allows us to reveal the truth.”

Pablo Picasso

  • Pascal Boyart
  • Lucho Poletti
  • SwissCryptoCat
  • Silexperience
  • Phneep
  • Citadel21
  • Cryptograffiti
  • Bitpaint
  • Pr1mal Cypher
  • Cryptomaniac
  • Trevor Jones
  • CryptoCloaks
  • Money Alotta
  • BnoiitC
  • Mr Crown
  • FractalEncrypt

Pascal Boyart


@pascalboyart aka Pboy is a French artist specialized in street graffiti. Passionate about drawing since his childhood, he now graffiti to promote Bitcoin and denounce the injustices of our system. He is the first artist to have used his Bitcoin QR code to accept donations and also to transform one of his works into NFT. Pascal’s works can be seen in the streets of Paris.

Find his work directly on his website:



Lucho Poletti

@LuchoPoletti is a highly regarded Bitcoin artist in the community since 2017. His digital posters mix pop culture, ironic art and political corruption. His strong colorful art has made 

him an icon of the Bitcoin art scene. His widely recognizable logo has become more than a symbol. Today, he is mainly dedicated to the NFT scene.

You can find all his work here:


Swiss Crypto Cat

@swisscryptocat is a mythical French speaking Bitcoin twitter cat. He is the creator of the Citadelle VR, a pro bitcoiner meeting place every Saturday at 9:30pm in a beautiful virtual world. Since the beginning of the Covid, this cat has been hosting his meetups and has turned the Bitcoin CyberCity into a must-see place for any good bitcoiner. I made a video about it here, you can also find an interview with the cat in person at Univers Bitcoin here. In his spare time, Cat is also an artist and offers NFT.

See you every Saturday at 9:30pm in the Bitcoin CyberCity




@Silexperience is a 3D printer magna and our custom node provider. It offers some pretty crazy classy Bitcoin lamps, glasses and other gadgets. Always there to develop the latest 3D printer product, it has become a staple of the French scene.


@phneep is a pop culture parody artist very prominent in the scene. He is best known for his gallery of remastered Bitcoin propaganda posters. He specializes in memes and movie variants. Full on Bitcoiner they are tearing our hair out to make us run nodes, realize the importance of privacy and get out of a broken system that advocates debt slavery

He was one of the first to support my channel and my work 😀 Thanks to him <3

Find his work on his website


Citadel 21

@ctdl21 is a 100% Bitcoin store that gives voice to our community. The project brings together a lot of bitcoiners with the same vision: to democratize the use of this technology. I’ve already covered this project in video here. Besides the crazy aesthetics of each volume, it is the passion that is felt with each new article that impresses me the most. 

You can now read the articles for free here 



@cryptograffiti is a committed Bitcoin activist. He has decided to use art and his talents to promote Bitcoin as an alternative to a banking system that is harmful to human freedom. More than just changing currencies, he believes in the separation of state and currency to ensure a healthy and just future for the people.


You can find his work on his website:



@BITPAINTCLUB is a Bitcoin VR world creator. He is best known for his weekly campfire meetings in the Bitcoin cafe and Dergigi’s 21 Lesson adventure. BitPaint is also a graffiti artist and an active participant in the Bitcoin art ecosystem. Hardcore Bitcoin at heart, he is always there to highlight the really good Bitcoin projects.

You can find his work on his website

He’s also the person who reviews my videos and corrects my mistakes! So thanks to you ^^’


Pr1mal Cypher

@primal_cypher is a Bitcoin artist who paints us dystopian futures mixing robotization and mass surveillance. Revolving around Satoshi’s imagined savior, Primal Cyber manages to animate his creations to perfection. From physical currencies, to drawings or NFT, his work always advocates for privacy and the importance of Bitcoin to ensure a free future.

You can find his work via his twitter or his website



@CryptomaniacFr is the creator of a series of crypto trading cards. Although an Altcoiner at heart, his Bitcoin cards are of remarkable quality and the project is just too cool.  In addition to the French content, Cryptomaniac’s great work deserves its place next to the Bitcoiners as his work helps to democratize this new world


You can find his work on his website:


Trevor Jones

@trevorjonesart is a painter from the more traditional world recently passionate about crypto and Bitcoin. He sees art as a form of revolution and helps promote Bitcoin. Many of his works have been transformed into NFT by himself or other artists

You can find all his work here


Crypto Cloaks

@CryptoCloaks is a project offering 3D printed (or other) Bitcoin merchandise. Cases s for your nodes, grenades, stickers or trivets. All with that special Bitcoiner touch. They also make calendars, t-shirts, caps and many other products to show off your values (be careful not to overdo it either, privacy is important)

For all the items, visit their website directly :



ᗩᒪᎧTTᗩ ᗰᎧᑎEY ( RIP)

@money_alotta is a French artist who proposes a kind of crytpo architectural art. To quote him, “Crypto Artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Priest, VR&AR Maximalist, NFT Machine & Most Humble Visual Orgasm Provider in the Space.”. Before falling deep into NFT, Alotta contributed heavily to the Crytpo Twitter ecosystem with profile pictures and the companion of President Mcafee.

To discover his world, it’s this way:

I covered it in video here


@BnoiitC is the creator of the Crypto Art Museum ( MoCa). A giant virtual museum gathering a lot of influential artists of our ecosystem. In 1 click you can visit it, the easiest way is to launch :,126N

BniitC is a very active member of the French-speaking art community and is actively developing this great interactive museum.


Mr Crown

@Mrcrownnnnn is the creator of 21ism, and the 21ish podcast. He has some pretty cool posters and art concepts. Very involved in the US Bitcoin art community, he tries to showcase emerging artists in the industry.

To see his work, visit his website:



@FractalEncrypt is a cypherpunk artist who uses wood, chemistry, and math to create some very impressive off-the-wall works. Her masterpiece at the moment is a wooden replica of the bitcoin blockchain. This human-sized work was sold in 2019.


To follow his work, it’s this way


For more artists, graffiti artists, musicians, etc.. It’s here :

Thank you for supporting this project and helping to democratize Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not a prize but a realistic and necessary alternative to stop the injustices of our system.

A big congratulations to all the artists who advocate our values. Thank you also to you for sharing and supporting their work. Don’t hesitate to contact me if I forgot people who deserve to be in the list. This list is not a ranking, it is simply my interpretation.

I would also like to thank Ishani who is the artist behind my entire infographic. A real non-crypto talent 🙂


– Rogzy