Bitcoin topics in depths

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network (LN) is a Bitcoin layer 2 solution that enables millions of off-chain microtransactions. The idea is to lock bitcoins into a system of liquidity channels between users.

This page aims to give you a little more clarity about Bitcoin’s Layer 2. Simple explanations of the technology, how it works technically and much more.

Bitcoin nodes

What is a node? What does it do? How does it work? Can you mine with a node?

Bitcoin nodes are a very important aspect of Bitcoin : it can be as simple as it is complex. So I’m providing you with all the informations and resources you need to understand it all !


“Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Norway, it must be stopped.”

In this page, we will look in detail at the ecological debate, the consumption of Bitcoin and its alternatives. Who are the miners and what is their real impact on our planet.

Art & NFT

Non Fungible Token (NFT), the great artistic revolution of the digital world. What are they? How to build them on Bitcoin ? Is it a scam ?

Every revolution involves art and Bitcoin is no exception. Here we introduce you to artists, innovative projects, street art, a virtual reality world and more!

Bitcoin security

Have you chosen the right security for your bitcoins?

Here I explain everything you need to know to secure your bitcoins. This page aims to guide you to the security that seems to suit you best regarding your tech lvl and amount of sats. Videos, tutorials and lots of other information are here to help you find your way around!