Hey !

Welcome into Bitcoin. If you got here it’s because somehow, you’ve noticed that Bitcoin isn’t dead, it intrigued you; “why do I keep hearing about it”.

Well you came to the right space. I will help you start your journey into Bitcoin. You will quickly realize it is a life changing experience that will push your curiosity and belief to the limit. I have not found the bottom myself yet. But I will be happy to help you get started.

To do so I’ve created this educational website. I’ve tried to make it as simple and clear as possible. The website is designed as a rabbit hole, with each level will bring you down a more complex and narrower path toward one of many Bitcoin characteristics.

The content is provided as simple PDF lessons with links toward more resources (Medium, blog, podcast, data). For a more engaging format, I have also been recording every lesson as a presentation video and post them our YouTube channel: Bitcoin Rabbit Hole – YouTube

In an effort to bring education to the greater number, this website will be 100% free and initially design in 2 languages English, French. (Spanish coming soon).

My personal journey with Bitcoin started not so long ago during the 2017 bubble. Since then I felt in love with the technology and the social aspect of such protocol & it’s endless possibility. I’ve made many beginner mistakes along the way and I hope I can help you avoid some.

Once the bubble popped, I knew I wanted to work for Bitcoin and I began my journey to educate the younger generation about this new technology. Kids are the future and neither the government nor the media is going to educate them about freedom. So if I can help just a little bit, that’s good enough for me.

Bitcoin changed my perception of life and I’m sure It will change yours as well if you give it a shot.
I wish you good luck during this journey. Enjoy it & have fun



Our Beliefs :

  • We believe in free education for the masses.
  • We believe Bitcoin should be taught to everyone in order to ensure a free open society.
  • We believe privacy to be a fundamental necessity for human progress.

Our Values :

  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Hard work & Open mindset
  • Risk taking & Entrepreneurship

Our Objectives :

  •  Be as clear and as simple as possible while providing in depth extra resources.
  • Remain honest, uncorrupted & transparent.
  • Keep creating content while necessary.
  • Open the project as time passes on:
    – Allow individuals to create new LvL, exam & resources.
    – Be open source so anyone can use our work.
    – Be available in as many language & countries as possible.

Meet the people being the project



Just a regular guy

I like video games, playing pool in bars, swimming and having BBQs with friends.
I was lucky to be born into a family of entrepreneurs. Creating projects is one of my driving forces and I’ve been doing it from a young age.

I’ve traveled around the world most of my life, I’m in constant search of new adventure and discovering new cultures.
Playing video game took most of my time as a kid, it made me learn about PC, the internet, finance and the wonder of online community.

All of those brought me slowly then suddenly into Bitcoin.



Free lancer illustrator based in Paris

Ishani is the very talented illustrator behind all the awesome drawing and graphic you can enjoy. She doesn’t really get Bitcoin but it will come one day.

Check out all the awesome stuff she does !


Grand Ma Cake

Grand Ma Cake

Official chef & Seed investors

This is just a regular grand ma who love her grand kids and make cakes.

She is a full bitcoin maximalist who is tired of getting robbed by bankers and politicians. She is a holder of last resort  😀 #Grandmastacks

“I was born with the old Franc, lived with the Franc, retired with the EUR, I may as well finish it with Bitcoin”

(She is adorable)