Chapter 5.1 – Earn it

Its is always better to earn Bitcoin rather than buying it. Its is cheaper, more private and brings you many advantage:

  • Less focus on the price
  • Good natural exposure
  • Help contribute to the ecosystem
  • Natural dollars cost Average

Everyone can earn bitcoin, there is no age or monetary limit to when starting.

  • Sell your goods and services for Bitcoin
  • Ask for part of your salary in Bitcoin
  • Accept it at your local shop
  • Set up a BTCPay server for your online shop
  • Send your Invoice with a BTC payment option

The only requirement to start earning bitcoin is your will and an address.

BTCPay server is the best solution to start accepting Bitcoin in your daily business life. It’s free, open source, and without any 3rd party.

Chapter 5.2 – Buy Bitcoin

IMPORTANT: This option implies that you are well aware of what you’re doing. You understand the risk of investing, the risk of losing all your money, the risk of mismanaging your private key and have taken all the necessary steps to be ready.  Revisit LVL 0 – prerequisite to bitcoin if you have doubts.

It’s better to earn bitcoin than to buy it.

Solution to buy BTC:

  • Swan Bitcoin / Cash App / Bull Bitcoin
  • Regulated Exchanges (KYC)
  • Peer to Peer
  • ATM

Focus on services that are Pro Bitcoin and offer automatic withdrawal and good dollars cost average solution at low fees. Stay away from Coinbase or other shitcoin casino.

Don’t forget to WITHDRAW YOUR KEY!  Any funds left on the exchanges is at serious risk.

Final note:

  • Just a remember that it’s better to earn than buy.
  • You can buy a small amount every month instead than all at once.
  • If you don’t withdraw your Bitcoin, then the exchange owns them.
  • Be careful with your tax & law enforcement. Depending on your country rules changes and sometimes you have to declare, you own an account. Be also aware that it’s highly likely the official exchange will be given your data to the tax authority.


Tutorial to buy Bitcoin without being scammed