Bitcoin doesn’t forgive


The first step into your journey is a little update on fiancial fraude, online attaque and how to avoid coslty mistakes.

Indeed this industry issadly filled with scammers trying to rob you from your money. You are an idial target for them so you must be carefull.

In this chapter we will see together how to avoid financial frauds, update your online security and prepare you to acquire your first bitocin safely!


Advice N°1 : Have a Plan

Advice N°2 : No your key, not your coin

Advice N°3 : Focus on Privacy

Chapter 0.1 – Big takeaway


Bitcoin is most likely your first investment, and this is Awesome! Sadly our educational systeme teach us very little about this domain so we must watch out for those red flags!

 For the full lesson it’s here, the video associated herevideo and a quiz overhereherehere

  • Liars & manipulators
  • Ponzi scheme & paid group
  • Online giveaway
  • BTC fork & other shitcoin
  • Exchange hack
  • Pump & Dump
  • Photoshop


Chapter 0.2 – Big takeaway

People dealing with Bitcoin or Crypto are perfect target for hackers. Most newcomers don’t have any online security in place but it’s not too late. Please follow the minimum best practices bellow:

  • Use 2 factor authenticator
  • Use a Password manager (ici )
  • Use an anti-virus
  • Keep PC & software updated
  • Be careful what you download
  • Use a VPN

pdf here

quizz here

video here


Chapter 0.3 – Big takeaway

School doesn’t teach you anything about the market, bitcoin or the world of investing. Due to this lack of knowledge, a lot of new people end up doing some very damaging mistakes. watch out for those:

  • Shitcoin investing
  • Over-investing
  • Trading vs investing
  • Taxes mistakes
  • Short time preference
  • Lost of private key
  • Bad storage practices
  • Zero care for Privacy

For a full PDF it’s here , take the quiz here or watch the video associated here


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