1 – Figure out your Skill LVL !

2 – Practice by Chapter !

LVL 0- Prerequisites for Bitcoin

Do you have the basic for online & financial security ? come figure out!

0.1 – Crypto Scams & Financial Frauds

0.2 – Online Security

0.3 – Advice For Beginners

LVL 1 - Bitcoin Fundamental

Bitcoin is new and weird, Do you understand why it matter and how to use it on a non technical lvl ? Come prove it ! 🙂

1.1 – What is Bitcoin?

1.2 – Why Bitcoin matters ?

LVL 2 - Bitcoin under the hood for Beginners

Blockchain, proof of work, node, wallet. Do you really understand those words ? Let’s see!

2.1 – Bitcoin Transaction

2.2 – Bitcoin Industry overview

LVL 3 - Bitcoin Storage Solution


Private Key management is REALLY important, do you understand how it works? where should your private key be stored ? What does going seedless mean ? Should you use a multi sig wallet or passphrase ?

3.1 – Wallet & private key management

3.2 – What level of security is right for you ?

LVL 4 - Wallet setup: Tutorial

Come take the practice exercice and try building your own Multi sig wallet.

Test the recovery feature and create specific type of transaction !

No more MCQ, time to practice 😀

LVL 5 - Acquire your first Bitcoin

Buy or Earn Bitcoin ? What should you avoid when buying ? How can you Earn Bitcoin?

5.1 – Earn Bitcoin

5.2 – Buy Bitcoin

LVL 6 - The futur of Bitcoin

Where is Bitcoin going ? What do we know about the protocol futur ? Are you sure your love one will recover your Bitcoin? How can we plan for the next 50 years of an Hyperbitcoinization ?

6.1 – Inheritance planning


3 – Challenge the best Bitcoiner

Guy Swann

Guy Swann

Host of the Bitcoin Audible


Guy Swann is the host of the Bitcoin Audible, a podcast where he reads the best Bitcoin articles. He has over 300 episodes of amazing bitcoin content.

Do you think you know more than him ?



Host of The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole


I’m no OG but I’ve had my toes in the Rabbit hole for some time. I’ve been giving classes about Bitcoin for 2 years, helping young people understand the impact Bitcoin will have on the world.

Do you think you’re better than my students?

My quiz is philosophical more than  technical. You will have to answer questions on Bitcoins impact on society and what might change in Bitcoin’s future



How people should know you

Your content

Hey, if you want to help the Bitcoin community you can create a fun short quiz ! It can be as long and complex as you want, The idea is to challenge all bitcoiner out there!

If you want more info, follow the instruction or DM me! Good luck and thanks for all the future bitcoiner in advance.

Together, let’s provide a quality bitcoin education to the next generation.

4 – Create your own test to challenge the Bitcoin OG!

Create your own quiz in 2 easy step:

1. Write down 10 questions regarding bitcoin:


– The difficulty is up to you

– The topic is up to you

– The type of question is up to you


You can either simply type the question text or if you prefer use the premade quiz template

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